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Your Special 

MARCH 28, 2019

 Everyone is special in some way. Sometimes people judge us by our background, like where we come from or just simply judge us because they have nothing better else to do. However, we find ourself doing the same things. We may look at. person and think to ourself, well they are in bad shape or they will never do nothing with their life. Do we have that right to judge. It says in the Bible, we are not supposed to judge, but it seems very easy to do, right? 

We have the thoughts in our minds that tell us negative things about people. We are easy to jump to conclusions. We may have been done wrong at some point by the person that makes us think negative thoughts about them. Lots of times, we see people walking on the side of the road and think, well there they go again. I wish they would stay off the road.. or we may say, they must be on drugs. Some feels sorry for those people, and some don't. Another thought that comes to my mind is when people ask us for money, they may just ask for something like $2 and may not be able to tell us why they need it. Or we see them on the road holding a sign up saying. " homeless" or " I need food, or I need money for gas. Just different reasons from different people. 

Have you ever talked to someone and they say, " well I am just dumb" I don't understand how that works. I never had any education. We just brush it off and go on and let them tell us and them-self  that over and over again.

Have you ever knew someone that is older in years and they keep the lights off or not buy many groceries because they are saving with their money? I have seen older people do this many many times. If a light is not being used or they are not present in that room, they will keep it off and not allow you to turn it on. When they go grocery shopping, they only buy very little and seems like they can cook on that food for days. If we don't know their story, we may be quick to judge and think of the word "Stingy".

Have you ever set close to someone that had a body odor? I mean it gets really bad and you are just needing to find a different seat? And of course , we may show expressions on our face, or we may even comment  when we move away? 

Have you ever just said, well he is on drugs and he will never come off of them? Or she has been to jail so many times, she will never do any good? Its the normal thoughts we have, but are we quick to judge? 

I want to just talk about something here. I feel that we all are in this boat together. I know theres not a holy person out there that has never had these thoughts right? or are there? If you have never thought negative about someone, please tell me, I want to meet you. You are special! 

We never know why some people choose to dress, talk, and do the things they do. If you ever got the chance to analyze someone and really sit down and talk to them, then you may find out some things that link back to the way they do these things. 

We are all created equal in God's Eyes. We are made the same. We have different features and the make up may be different, but we were created in God's Own Image. 

Working in the profession that I do, I am able to analyze people sometimes. I find it so interesting. It has made me stop to think before I judge others. 

1. Some people tell me they are dumb when it comes to insurance, well my reply is, " no, you are not dumb" insurance is hard to figure out. Its not easy. Even I have questions at times. Do not ever say you are Dumb because you are not dumb. We are not specialized or trained in certain professions, so we cannot be expected to know the information.

2. The people standing on the side of road asking for money or needing gas, hey, maybe they do? Would we do it? Maybe not,. but what if there is a grandchild at home with cancer that needed transportation treatments? What if they need dialysis treatments and transportation is not being paid? Just what if they had to go through life always having to ask for help. Or they saw their parents ask for money? What if they just do not know any different? Or we may just tell ourself, " They have more  money than I do, so we drive past them and use our $20 to go watch a movie. or play the lottery. We can do that right? Its our money . Something to think about here.

3. The couple that we moved away from in the waiting area, could have inherited a place from their dad or mom and they do not have running water because they cannot afford to pay the water bill. Or they live far back away from city water, which is unlikely,  But, we would go to the creek to bath right? I probably would, but what if they didn't practice good hygiene growing up? What if they did not have clean clothes to put on after they did bath? Hmm, who knows these answers. Probably most of you are thinking, well that is total sorriness, but is it really? What if I told you I had a lady that was dressed good in April and she came back in October and I asked her what happened to her and she said. " I have gotten on drugs" I want Life insurance because I know I wont live long. But I need Life Insurance so I am no longer a burden to my parents. This makes me think.

4. Many of the people on drugs, can amount to something. I have heard many preachers say they were on drugs at some point in their life. I have heard preachers preach that they broke the law many times. They drank their whisky too. Look at them now. Maybe the person got on drugs from a car wreck or needed pain management and the doctors were freely giving out pain meds to him. He became addicted. Who knows the reason. Some may not have any reason for taking drugs, but maybe those still addicted, does not get prayed for often. I have always heard and experienced that prayers change things. . I had one lady to tell me that her dad had always said she would end up like him someday. She would never amount to nothing, he committed suicide. Now, she is afraid of the same thing because she had that planted in her mind for many years, so she dwells on it.

5. The little lady that keeps her lights off, was raised to do that. Many times, they did not have electricity and had to be saving with food so their siblings could eat as well. They may have struggled all their life. Who knows. We don't know the whole story.

But we say they are stingy. A lady told me, if my electric bill goes up, I will not be able to afford my insulin. If I spend much on groceries, then I cannot get my medicine. 

Do not miss the opportunity to help someone. It is one of the most rewarding things that you can ever do in your life. Replace your negative thoughts about them with Positive thoughts. Make a difference in their life. Help them overcome. Help them afford, and give them something as small as a gallon of water to use if they need it. Come out among all of the others and show them love. Something they may have never had. Tell that person she is not like her dad. She is a different person. We can help one way or the other. They have some sort of hidden talent, like the homeless man that could play a piano and everyone gathered around to listen. He had a special talent. Something I cannot do. Some may be lazy but they are still special. Some chooses the wrong path, but they are still loved by God. Love or judge, it is up to us! We may not have money to give, but we do have love. It is the least expensive thing but more helpful than Any amount of money that can be spent on them. 

Our First Blog Entry

MARCH 28, 2019

Our first Blog entry introduces what topics we are going to discuss. I would like to share some informational topics and things that may assist you , or just discuss every day living. We have the site, we have room to talk, so lets discuss this. 

If you have things you would like to share, email me and I can post it on my blog. I will also share to our website and you can comment in real time. I want to foremost welcome you to our site. Browse around. Talk to us. We would love to hear from you. Tell us where you are from and simply stay tuned to enjoy the educational benefits and information that may be of some help to you. 

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