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Consulting Services


In the current world today, health insurance faces many challenges. Poverty stricken areas are facing a catastrophic change and need. We at Community Connections, LLC offer a free demonstration of how we are able to collaborate with businesses and clients. We focus on helping others in the time of need.

We offer training to shape your growth in the every changing industry of health insurance. We have created a model that has the ability to reach clients that are in the need for health insurance.

We offer on-site training that will educate carriers , sales agents, and individuals that have the ability to promote health plans to the market.

Many Agencies have the pattern the way they market and maintain a book of business that will walk along beside them wherever they go, but this training is much more than that.

This training consists of different aspects in the health field that every carrier and agency needs and may want to practice. This training will allow you to gain insight on how the Medicaid, Medicare, extra help programs work along with health insurance plans in order to grow your business into a reality program. We keep our clients in the know of what is going on with their health insurance and find ways to keep them comfortable and trust the insurance world. We give our clients opportunities that they have never been told or introduced to. We can help you do the same. Our proven track record of statistics can show what our goals and ambitions consist of. 

If you are interested in Community Connections, LLC to come on site and train, contact us and give us a brief description about your business and the quantity of employees that would need training. The named, CC MODEL©, is a Model that nobody has every practiced. We have the experience and knowledge to train your agency, company, and or business to grow in ways that you would never imagine. It is a proven fact and we are the first point of contact.

Our CC MODEL © Training Techniques will grow your business and provide online support 24/7. We have implemented a program for just your company. Contact us today for more information.

Want to learn more about Health Insurance and the Medicare Communities? Contact us for more information. We want to help you succeed. 

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Below is some of the training classes that are available

Ask us about our Training 

CLNT- 101-2 hours

HEA-GOV - 40 hours

MED-CAID 101-40 hours

QMB 101 -10 hours

STAT-FED 101- 2 hours

LIS 101- 4 hours

CRM 101- 4 hours

APP101- LAB- 2 Hours

DOC-PROC 202- 2 hours

XHELP 101-2 hours

SSA- 101- 2 hours

KYBENE 101- 4 hours

PDPHLP 101- 4 hours

CSR - 2 hours

Total Hours =     120 hours

Hours may vary due to early comprehension


Licensed training agents will provide education to agencies, carriers,  and companies. Introductory, to becoming  engaged with the State and Federal system to further guide your agents to be successful. Our program will up-skill your agency to monitor pending applications for enrollments.


By offering this training program to assist your clients on and off site will further educate your agency.  Our training  program will teach the fundamentals to train agents and staff define skills. Our training  program will also,  help build a customer database that will drive  customer relationship to the maximum level. 


Proven to be successful for the Eastern Kentucky area. We have built a relationship with our clients. We have a full service agency for Life and Health insurance. We do not stop at helping people find the assistance they need in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We have built our CC Model © based Quality and experience.

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