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We had such a good time tonite. I want to thank everyone for attending. It was the most rewarding feeling to know that people were able to receive a good meal and free clothing. We also were able to give away can food from Savelot We also had Fruit that we was able to give to everyone. We truly appreciate the Garrard Save a lot They were so helpful @ We Thank the Red Bird Mission for the clothing they have provided for the Community. Community Connections staff devoted the time and effort to cook and serve food to over 350 people. I thank Ken Dean and his wife Carol. They worked hard and helped us so much. Our Santa was a big hit. We had the best Santa in the world. I thank Dwight Bishop for coming and assisting us with this event. It was another successful event for our Community. Our workers were great. Tabitha, Heather, Whitney and myself devoted long hours to plan this event. We enjoy it so much. Thanks to Brian for helping us cook!

We also thank Alicia Hicks for gathering items and handing out to everyone.

Our New Years Resolution is to have a full Kitchen and more room next year. I am believing it is going to happen. I would have never thought that we could fill up a big building as we have.

We want to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! May GOD Bless each and everyone!Community Connections, LLC fed 340 homeless, hungry. and lonely folks on December 20th 2019. We had Santa that came and handed out gifts to the children and elderly. Santa wasn't only good to the kids but he enjoyed meeting community senior citizens. We all had such a great time and enjoyed the fellowship it brought forth.  

Community Connections would like to provide you a “Thank you” for coming out to our Thanksgiving dinner today! We handed out 340 trays with turkey/dressing/ mashed potatoes/ vegetables/ desert and roll! I think if we had prepared for 500 we would have not ran out! Everyone was so nice and polite! We also gave clothes away for winter! We will have more of those later!

I want to personally thank my employees for assisting with this! IAll of them worked so hard. I’m so thankful to have employees that cares for our community !! 

 I want to thank the volunteers that came in and helped! I want to thank those parents that brought kids that helped hand out trays! It’s a good learning experience for them! These kids done exceptionally well! It was a great day and I’m so happy tonight to know that people that may have not been able to prepare or have thanksgiving dinner was able to come join us! We will prepare for 500 next year!

It was a great day of hard work but so rewarding tonight to know what we were able to experience today! I’m so happy to be a part of our community!

The 2019 Annual Scare Crow Contest. The BEST overall winner was .....COMMUNITY CONNECTIONS.... We enjoyed decorating our Truck with scarecrows. We used hay and had tons of fall decor outside our office location. Lots of people blew when they drove past our office. 

We want to thank our community for providing us the opportunity to participate in the event. Lots of fun and excitement. 

Free Dental and Vision Clinic Summer 2019

Community Connections, LLC joined with Armed Forces to assist clients. We attended the Excel building August 3rd-10th. We assisted over 125 individuals that needed Health insurance, dental, Vision, and Life insurance. It was such a rewarding time spent. Many did not know that they could receive this help. The Armed Forces were on site each day in Manchester and Oneida KY in Clay County. 

Armed forces came with Dentists, Optometrist, and Medical Doctors that performed services to Clay County. What a week and What a great service for our Community! See our photos above! We at Community Connections would like to thank for all that made it possible for them to attend and also allowing us to be a part of such wonderful Event. Lives were changed! 

2019 Commitment to our community

Our 3rd Annual event, " Commitment to our Community was a success. We had lots of fun things going on. 

This year we had estimated 1000+ people to attend. We had our back to school bash and filled over 160 back packs. We had a free clothing giveaway and concession. Darlene Lawson gave free haircuts to kids. We had a Cat & Jack tent set up with jeans and shoes for kids returning back to school.  Inflatables fo the kids and much more. See our photos. We are already planning our 2020 annual event! 

2018 Committing to our Community Event

Approximately 1,000 people showed up on August 4th to participate in the Committing to our community event. We had free clothing,  singing,  free school supplies, free hygiene products for our community. We had inflatables for the kids! Greats singing and fellowship. We love our community and we love seeing people come together and help one another. Join us next year at our annual 2019 Event. It will only get better! 

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Happenings you shouldn't miss in the weeks ahead.

April 26th Health Fair at the EKU Campus at Manchester KY  Time: 10:00 Am to 1:00 PM 


If you would like to visit your location , contact us.  We will make it happen!